Message in a Bottle

Two tales come together, shadows meet the light. Message in the Bottle links reflection and perception.

The colours works in perfect symmetry. Black and White play  key roles, acting as both a conduit and dividers.

Black and White assume a passive stance and mute, to allow the blues and magenta to form a wash. Emulating the reflection found on the deserted bottle at sea. 

There is distinct feminine and masculine energy and it creates a divide and also unite at casual intervals.

There is a feeling that the stereotypes have been reversed, she stands tall and brave, knee-deep in splashing water. Purposely posed facing the future. She’s submerged in her thoughts and they make ripples around her. What appears to be a simple silhouette, reveals more than contours. A closer inspection shows that her stories are etched into her, yet she takes it all in her stride.

The top half of the canvas reveals many stories and places . There is definite Black and white imprint that interplays.

One of the many narratives is the story of the man or many men.

Everything created has been done with no preconceived notion, no tools and assisted by the outside environmental conditions. The piece also works in portrait.


 As Above as Below


This reversible piece is about keeping it simple: a muted background with liner shapes and bold colours. The discreet curves and blending overlaps create noticeable blocks of colour. The eye darts around the canvas trying to recognise something familiar but all too often reverts back to the centre.

The strong visuals, the busyness in the calm makes for pleasant viewing. But the hidden order is in the asymmetry. Look in the periphery to unfold the tale of duality: the theme of ‘as above is below’ is congruent


7 Transformation

Transformation epitomises the entire series of work. The picture is a showcase of the modus operandi: and tool freestyle production.

To create Transformation (also termed an environmental imprint), all chemicals were reduced and the paint was substituted for ink. This helped absorb the atmospheric pressure and the canvas was left outside for two days.

The weathering effects were incredible. There is seamless interplay of black and white and it sets a multilevel landscape, with mountains, ancient terrains, flowing rivers and seas.

The weather has diluted the colours to the perfect translucent wash. The wind and sun rays have penetrated the surface and swept through the canvas to create multiple scenes and recognisable figures.

Transformation is covered in alluring ethnic figures on voyage, following difficult paths. There is a sense of distress and hidden injustice, which is masked by the calmness and sereneness of the cold landscape.

Transformation symbolises the environment and it is invigorating, yet beyond the surface it has a profound message. 

8 Blazing Temptress

A man is but the product of his thoughts; what he thinks, he becomes.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was an Indian activist who was the leader of the Indian independence movement against British rule. Employing nonviolent civil disobedience, Gandhi led India to independence and inspired movements for civil rights and freedom across the world

The Blazing Temptress is dedicated to Gandhi, some observers may be able to see why. 





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