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Shadows in the Dark


Shadows in the dark, expresses much more than first meets the eye. At a distance, it looks like abstract expressionism with a twist. It plays with human perception, forcing the mind to decode form and invent a narrative.

When zooming into the surface, the level of detail is almost inconceivable, with a sense of a deep underworld which is wrapped in a mystery.

The work is comparable to x-ray generated radio-logical imagery. Shadows in the dark is experimental in nature: it shows careful exploration of space, form and movement. The piece is painted in the dark with a substituted white liquid which enables the central of theme of defying convention by abandonment of tools and conventional technique.


Renaissance 2.2

The idea of precision buried in randomness is as compelling as it is demanding by the intensity of its visual presence.

This work is a commitment to the idea of creating nature’s imprint. Early artwork shows that by using the right bonding agent, colours such as black and white travel across the canvas freely. The optimum weather conditions, colours and water can allow rhythmical flow. This combined leads to the formation of intricate paths, patterns and marks, which become ancient figures, temples, far- away lands, people and demons when studied with a more discerning eye.

The juxtaposition of bold colour and flowing form intrigues the senses and triggers the mind. There is much to see but it takes meticulous observation. For example, buried deep in the detail are two kissing figures which are camouflaged by the sweeping landscape.

Romance is a common theme that rotates throughout the piece. Whichever way Renaissance 2.2 is viewed, there will always remain many recognisable figures and places of the age.

With the  imagination uninhibited, this piece will allow a multitude of enchanting stories about life, the essence of being human and beyond.


3 Elemental Ternary


Confident use of colour coupled with extravagant markings help create the illusion of chaos.

Slowly, at the right distance, the painting begins to reveal itself – part by part: the African man wearing a pink robe, casually walking in the top corner. Step back further to see the flying birds, with the city people appearing at the forefront. But Elementary ternary is way more than the obvious.

For those who dare take a step closer, many will see the real mystery of this piece. There is a mastery that reveals itself to the trained eye. Hidden deep beneath the surface, there are complexities of layers that actively stimulate perception and ooze out a plethora of the unexpected but only to the diligent observer.

The mixed mediums are alchemised and are in clear dialogue. A close look displays the points where the fire and water have had graceful encounters.

The migrating paint travels and blends. The effervescent streams are briskly stopped by thick wax. It all appears almost deliberate. The exploration of music appears to be a secondary consideration to the results.

During production, the water infused with Mozart music, crashes with the water infused with contemporary music and blends to create peaceful and perfect harmony


4 Swirls of Midst and Wonder

Swirls of Mist and Wonder, tells a story of colour and water dancing around the canvas like two shy long-distance lovers, whose encounters are numerous and brisk but simultaneously lingering and always longing.

The markings and pattern embody the suspense, the passion and the closeness of the Argentinian Tango. The melting ice added the pace of a waltz. The streams brought together by cloudy winds, forcing them to glide, merge and form swirls of unity and liberation. Multiple paths entwine to shape the flowing rhythm of the environment.

The rustic yellows, burnt oranges and emerald greens reflect the pattern of the landscape and the twists of life. They are muted and earthy which helps to subtly bring together the sense of contradiction and logic, which is the true meaning of the painting.

The theme of togetherness is taken from the intimate Greenwich surroundings. The canvas was made outdoors among the deep rooted trees. Their noticeable presence and denseness creates the sense of the many swallowed, silent stories.

This piece is exactly that:  a silent tale or hidden fable, waiting to be revealed. Swirls of Mist and Wonder wakes up perception, shakes the senses and evokes memories. It boldly challenges you to look beyond the familiar. Because, there among the unspoken lays the sweetest and most compelling scripts, only missing a brave narrator.



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